and style for
your windows

Moodboard and conception


In this initial stage moodboards help us to put ideas and thoughts together to properly introduce our project to you. To be sure to pick the right path and the right way of doing things we always keep in mind the environment where your brand is going to be positioned.

Prada Harrods
Londra 2012

Miu Miu

Developing the project


We translate your ideas in reality and we install and set up them for you. Whether we are using our traditional craftsmanships or 3d printing we always pay attention to details and quality. We take your ideas and windows and we transform them in completely customized experiences, designed to put your brand at the center of everything.

Prada Crystal

Installation and set up


Working all over the world means we know how to respect and use at best local time schedules and skills. This is the reason why we can provide and ship your windows with an installation book so you can have your windows installed by local crews and if you want we can coordinate on site with our trained and experienced personnel; doing so means we walk with our clients every step of the path to achieve their goals.